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I used to suffer from many colds and flu each winter, but since using Palogard these have stopped. After I take Palogard I can now feel a cold coming on and that lasts for one day then the symptoms go away and I return to normal. Its a great product. MW, Geneva, Switzerland

I have a typical celtic face with narrow passages and small opeing to my sinus. This not only drives my dentist mad, but makes any cold very painful and long lasting, usually for two weeks. Since using Palogard I notice that I hardly get any cold or flu now and if I do get a cold, it only lasts a week and there is little pain. JC, Wellington, New Zealand

Each autumn I take palogard and this year my husband did not. I remained cold and flu free and and my husband got several colds and the flu this year and spent days complaining about them. I reminded him of palogard and he assures me next autumn he will use it and not suffer again like this winter. VD, London, England

After using Miers Labs, No-Jet-Lag for years I was keen to try their palogard product and it worked really well. I am sure like No-Jet-Lag, palogard will be another winner. TK, Washington dc, USA.

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